Do You Really Need A Grinder?

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If you’re just getting into cannabis and figuring out what kind of gear you need, an herb grinder should be at the top of your list. If you’re a more experienced user, a high quality Cute grinder will become a constant and trustworthy companion that will keep you shredding for years. Upgrading your kit is worth the investment.

Here’s why: dried and cured whole cannabis flowers – also known as nugs – are sticky, somewhat dense, and have less surface area for smoking. Nugs are difficult to cook with and almost impossible to vape without being broken down in some way. Those kangaroos Australians knew what was up.

Shredded herb, however, has more surface area and increased airflow relative to the dense whole flower, which ensures an even, consistent burn that helps you get the most out of every use. Grinding your herb before use will reduce waste and make your overall experience easier and more enjoyable, so you can get the most bang for your buck.

You may already have something in your house that would serve to grind up plant matter, but as botany enthusiasts, we’re on Team Get A Dedicated Grinder.

The stickiness of nugs is no joke. Anything you use for flower is going to feel the impact eventually (the distinct aroma will also linger… for a while. A very long while). Herb grinders are designed with that in mind, and both hand and electric grinders are set up to be way easier to clean compared to something like a coffee grinder. If you’ve ever tried to get coffee fully out of one, you know what we mean.

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