Fitness Benefits of CBD Oil – Does it Live up to the Hype?

As voters in more and more states choose to legalize marijuana for medicinal and increasingly for recreational use, related products like CBD are trending.

As they become more mainstream, cannabis-related products may be picked up by more people and for a variety of uses. There is some evidence that CBD oil can provide important health benefits and even improve fitness and aid in recovery.

It is important for trainers to stay up to date on trends in supplements like CBD oil. Learn more about this product, if it really can support better fitness and performance, if there are any risks, and who should and should not use it.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of many compounds found in cannabis, also known as marijuana. These compounds are known as cannabinoids and they have different properties, effects, benefits, and risks. Although related, they can trigger very different responses.

The cannabinoid THC is most responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. CBD does not produce these effects. In other words, you cannot get high from CBD. CBD oil is simply an extraction of this compound from the cannabis plant. Don’t confuse it with hemp oil, which is a food product extracted only from the seeds of cannabis.

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Because it produces no euphoria or psychoactive effects at all, CBD oil is not addictive. It will not cause withdrawal or put you at risk of developing dependence. However, as with any supplement, there may be important reasons you should not use it. Always check with your doctor before starting a new supplement or herbal.

Potential Fitness Benefits of CBD Oil

Cannabis has long been used by humans, for thousands of years in fact, for medicinal purposes. The modern research is still uncovering how useful CBD oil may be for a variety of health benefits. A current trend is to use CBD to aid recovery, boost energy, and enhance athletic performance. But does it really work? The evidence is mixed but mostly positive, although the hype may be exaggerated.

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