What is Delta 8 Preroll?

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Delta 8 prerolls are prepackaged joints ready to smoke. Compared to edibles, prerolls progress much faster when you inhale the smoke because you absorb Delta 8 and CBD directly into your bloodstream.

Freerolls are a convenient alternative to buying d8 pre-rolls grinding them and rolling them yourself. While the main advantage of ordering preroll online is convenience, preroll is also known as a great introduction to Delta 8 cannabis for newcomers.

The preroll consists of smoked paper, delta 8 cannabis pollen size and filter. Most pre-rolled joints are roughly the size of a cigarette, but there are also King Size Pre-rolls that are larger and more Kief-packed.

Freeroll vs Joint vs Blunt vs Split

Joints (also known as splits) are cannabis that are often rolled into rolling paper by hand.

A preroll is a joint prepared before the point of sale.

Dull refers to a type of joint in which cannabis is smoked on cigarette rolling paper, and can sometimes be mixed with tobacco. Most joints and all prerolls sold online by Indicaloud are cigarette-free.

Plain vs Infused Preroll

A regular preroll has three components: rolling paper, ground flower and a filter to prevent re-suction.

Infused prerolls may have extra concentrate, Kief or diamond shards to make them stronger and also affect the way they burn when smoked. These can also affect the taste of the preroll and the type of high you experience.

Ekto Kooler, for example, is a freeroll dominated by Sativa. This means that for pineapple and pine, you can expect a more lively, earthy flavor and experience a more energetic high.

On the other hand, indica-dominated freerolls are more likely to offer a “body high” or more comfortable experience.

How to store prerolls

When storing the preroll, the most important thing is to avoid moisture, heat and sunlight. Prerolls are best stored in a dark place at room temperature, such as in a cabinet. Mason jars are becoming a popular storage container for prerolls thanks to their ability to store prerolls in a climate controlled environment.

When stored properly, Preroll can last up to 6-12 months without loss of efficacy.

Improper storage of prerolls can reduce the potency of cannabis. In extreme cases, you should never use prerolls as mold will grow.

If you store your prerolls in plastic bags, try to avoid clumping and make sure the bags are as airtight as possible.

Storing prerolls in the refrigerator or freezer is not recommended. This can compromise the efficacy of both rolling paper and cannabis.

Don’t feel pressured to use the preroll too soon before it expires. Keep it safe and have fun!

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