Organic cannabis nutrients what you know about

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Growers using systems such as hydroponic DWC or NFT systems will be familiar with bottled ionic ‘synthetic’ mineral nutrients. All the necessary chemicals required for growth are dissolved in water which means they won’t clog up the pipes in a hydroponic system. That’s because the minerals are dissolved in the form of soluble ions which are easy for roots to absorb and transport around the plant.

These synthetic cannabis ‘mineral’ fertilisers are quite different from bottles of e.g. organic nutrients which may need shaking before use to ensure any suspended solids are thoroughly distributed. Organic cannabis nutrients can be broken down by microbial action in the soil to yield useful food for plant growth. But organic nutrients tend not to be used in hydroponic systems due to risks of clogging pipework, pumps etc.

Best nutrients for outdoor cannabis plants

In good quality moist,thebest cannabis nutrients outdoor soil you may not need to add any additional nutrients for your outdoor cannabis plants. Cannabis has been growing successfully in the wild for thousands of years without any help from man. But that doesn’t mean that every single wild cannabis plant achieves maximum yield and the highest THC levels. If you are growing outdoor cannabis plants, you may find that growth and harvest quality can be improved with the careful use of nutrients.

Many outdoor growers like to use a few slow-release organic fertilisers in the ground. BioTabs are fully proven and highly recommended. But you can also use more natural methods such as preparing your soil well in advance of the grow with plenty of well-rotted manure, seaweed, blood/fish/bone meal etc.

Some outdoor growers will also monitor their plants and when necessary may offer a liquid top dressing of diluted fertiliser. Use of general-purpose bloom nutrients when the plant is hungry during bloom is a particularly popular and effective way of boosting harvest quality/quantity.

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