The Legal Status of Rick Simpson Oil: An Overview

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There are many different types of hemp and cannabis oils on the market today, so it’s no surprise that people sometimes mix them up. The problem is that using one the wrong way and not fully understanding what it is can ultimately lead to unsuccessful treatment. So we’re going to explain everything about RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). What it can do for you.

Who is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson is a well-known longtime medical marijuana proponent and created RSO for pain to fight cancer. Rick has been diagnosed with metastatic skin cancer. After no success with the treatments recommended by doctors, Simpson decided to make and try THC oil.

His inspiration turned out to come from a radio show he heard nearly 30 years ago about the possible benefits of consuming oils high in THC. According to his treatment history, the cancer was completely gone in 4 days. He also said that he has since been in remission, no longer requiring treatment.

What is RSO Extract?

Rick Simpson’s Oil is a concentrated THC oil made from Indica and Indica dominant hybrid strains. It is commonly referred to as a full-spectrum extract that contains high levels of both THC and CBD to maximize its potential health benefits. Rick Simpson’s oil is made by extracting cannabinoids with alcohol, resulting in a more concentrated and potent oil.

RSO does not mean smoking. I recommend ingesting the oil or using it topically, as smoking can irritate the lungs and doesn’t deliver cannabinoids in the same way. The original RSO was high in THC, but it’s not the only one, as over the years patients around the world have taken his recipe and tweaked it to their personal taste to deliver a potent dose of cannabinoids. select.

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